Acupressure and Massage Bundle
3 courses in 1: This Acupressure and Massage Bundle will teach you how to relieve pain, anxiety and other common ailments with massage and acupressure techniques.
The Acupressure Academy Masterclass will teach you how to relieve pain on your own without having to resort to medication. You will learn how to use traditional Chinese massage points to help relieve anxiety, migraines and stress. You will also learn how to find the right massage points and use the specific techniques to help you quit smoking and improve fertility. The Alternative Massage Therapy course will introduce you to basic massage therapy techniques. Learn about myofascial energetic release, which is a specialised physical and manual therapy used to release tension in the connective tissue around the muscles, bones and joints, caused due to trauma, poor posture or illness. The Isla Verde Massage Masterclass is a massage masterclass from the award winning Isla Verde Spa that will teach you how to perform Spa, Hot Stones and Deep Tissue Sports Massages. You will learn how to perform massage therapy and massage strokes that will allow you to make your friends, family or clients reach a state of ultimate relaxation! " **Curriculum:** **Acupressure Masterclass** Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Acupressure Against Headache Part 3: Acupressure Against Back Pain Part 4: Acupressure Against Allergy Part 5: Emergency Acupressure Part 6: Acupressure For Women Part 7: Acupressure For Everyday Health Part 8: Acupressure To Learn More Efficiently And Effectively Part 9: Acupressure For Sport and Fitness Part 10: Acupressure For Best Sex Part 11: Acupressure Assessment Part 1 Part 12 Acupressure For Relaxation Part 13: Acupressure Against Anxiety: 10 Day Treatment Plan Part 14: Acupressure To Become Pregnant Part 15: Acupressure Against Irregular Periods Part 16: Acupressure For Mother and Child Part 17: Acupressure Against Menopause Part 18: Acupressure Against Migraine Part 19: Acupressure Against Smoking Part 20: Acupressure Against Asthma Part 21: Acupressure For Memory Improvement Part 22: Acupressure For Travel Part 23: Acupressure Against Depression Part 24: Acupressure Against Flu Part 25: Acupressure For Footballers Part 26: Acupressure For Potency Part 27: Acupressure For Yoga Part 28: Final Assessment Part 29: Acupressure Apps and Conclusion Part 30: Recommended Courses " **Alternative Massage Therapy** Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Massage: Prone Position Part 3: Massage: Supine Position Part 4: Integration Part 5: Quiz **Isla Verde Massage Masterclass** Part 1: Introduction Part 2: The Massage Essentials Part 3: The Massage Strokes- The Right and Wrong Ways Part 4: Full Body Relaxation Massage Part 5: Full Body Relaxation Sequence Part 6: Bonus Content Part 7: Getting Started on the Right Path! Part 8: Full Body Massage Part 9: Hot Stones Massage Sequence Part 10: The Massage Essentials Part 11: Full Body Deep tissue Massage Part 12: Full Massage Sequence Part 13: Quiz
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