Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management
Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management will empower you to expand your current learning of HR management which will enable you to propel your career in HR. Through this course, students will explore the environments and settings inside which HR experts, management and workers interact. Students will likewise have a closer look at resourcing and talent management and at ways of managing employment relations.
Who is it for
This course would be ideal for people who wish to advance in their HR career.
Human Resource Management
Module One – Getting Started
Module Two – Human Resources Today
Module Three – Recruiting and Interviewing
Module Four – Retention and Orientation
Module Five – Following Up With New Employees
Module Six – Workplace Health & Safety
Module Seven – Workplace Bullying, Harassment, and Violence
Module Eight – Workplace Wellness
Module Nine – Providing Feedback to Employees
Module Ten – Disciplining Employees
Module Eleven – Terminating Employees
Module Twelve – Wrapping Up
Organisational Skills
Module One – Getting Started
Module Two – Remove the Clutter
Module Three – Prioritize
Module Four – Scheduling Your Time
Module Five – To Do Lists
Module Six – Paper and Paperless Storage
Module Seven – Organization in Your Work Area
Module Eight – Tools to Fight Procrastination
Module Nine – Organizing Your Inbox
Module Ten – Avoid the Causes of Disorganization
Module Eleven – Discipline is the Key to Stay Organized
Module Twelve – Wrapping Up
Organisational Skills Course for Administrator- Activities
HR and Leadership
Leader and HR Management
Commitment and HR Management
Team Management
Build A Mastermind Group
People Recognition in HR Management
Performance, Goals and Management
Think Outside The Box
Be Passionate about Your Work
The Importance Of A Good Team Leader
Employee Onboarding
Module One – Getting Started
Module Two – Purpose of Onboarding
Module Three – Introduction
Module Four – Onboarding Preparation
Module Five – Onboarding Checklist
Module Six – Creating an Engaging Program
Module Seven – Following Up with New Employees
Module Eight – Setting Expectations
Module Nine – Resiliency and Flexibility
Module Ten – Assigning Work
Module Eleven – Providing Feedback
Module Twelve – Wrapping Up
Employee Onboarding- Activities
HR Training
Defining Human Resources
Performing a Skills Inventory
Forecasting Techniques
Job Analysis
Identifying Job Competencies
Position Profiles and Job Descriptions
Do You Really Need to Hire?
Finding Candidates
Advertising Guidelines
Screening Resumes
Preparing for the Interview
Conducting the Interview
After the Interview
Employee Orientation and Onboarding
Follow the Leader
Planning Training
Working With External Providers
Performance Reviews
Attendance Management
Managing a Diverse Workforce
Privacy Issues
Compensation and Benefits
Managing Disciplinary Issues
Terminating Employees
Exit Interviews

Assessment and Certification:

Upon completion of the course, you will be required to sit an online multiple-choice test. Your test will be assessed automatically and the results will be given to you immediately. Before sitting your final exam you will have the opportunity to test your proficiency with a mock exam. After you have successfully passed the final exam, you will be able to order an Accredited Certificate of Achievement at an additional cost of 24 for a PDF copy and 39 for an original print copy sent to you by post.
This course is available to all learners, of all academic backgrounds.
Learners should be aged 16 or over to undertake the qualification.
Good understanding of English language, numeracy and ICT are required to attend this course.
Career Path
The Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management course will be very beneficial and helpful, especially to the following professionals:

Line manager.
Team leader.
HR Assistant.
HR Manager.
HR Executive.
HR Consultant.

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