Advanced Finance and Accounting
This advanced level course will give you in depth finance and accounting knowledge to significantly enhance your understanding of the business language.
This course offers an advanced level tuition into finance and accounting. It will teach you the language of business and provide you with skills to help you succeed in work, get fast tracked up the promotion ladder or even start your own business Chris Moore is a Coaching Finance specialist and his career has included over 20 years in Financial Director roles, including working for USA companies. Hes the Managing Director of one of Boeing Aircraft's UK subsidiaries, and oversaw the setting up of a multi-million dollar eLearning and training division. This course is suitable for anybody who wants to master the complicated areas of Finance and accounting. It is ideal for Managers, Directors or Vice Presidents as well as people wanting a career in a Finance department. It is also ideal for Entrepreneurs and those planning a start-up business.
There are no prerequisites for this course.