An Introduction to Payroll
With this course you will gain a thorough understanding of Payroll Management, covering everthing from PAYE through to statutory pays, court orders and student loans.
This course will equip you with a strong foundation to begin, or build upon, a successful career in HR and Finance. You will start by learning about the general payroll process, before delving into the key areas in greater depth. You will be taught all about PAYE, NIC, Statutory Pays and more, with the chance to test yourself through the self-test options and the end of course quiz. Thin Sandhi is an experienced Chartered Accountant, who specialises in Payroll management as she has extensive knowledge and experience of the area through her work across many HR departments. Thin gained ACCA qualifications in her spare time whilst also studying for and being awarded a BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University. This is an ideal course for anyone new to payroll who wishes to gain expertise in this area. Equally, this course is also a great fit for existing payroll managers or anyone working within a HR department who would like to enhance their career by refreshing and expanding on their knowledge of the industry.
There are no prerequisites for this course

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