Auslan: Expand Your Sign Language Vocabulary
An Auslan Level 2 course that will help you take you your signing skills to the next level and develop a more advanced level of Auslan.
Within this Auslan level 2 course, we will further develop our signing vocabulary and skills in Australian Sign language. It will cover a wide range of new topics so that you can comfortably sign when discussing thoughts and feelings, activities, dates and months, countries, animals, cities and weather. Your teacher for the course, Asphyxia, is an artist and a writer based in Melbourne, Australia. She published a set of books, which were shortlisted for the Speech Pathologist's book of the year award, and commended by the Australian Publisher's Association for best designed children's series in 2013 and is currently working on a novel, featuring a deaf protagonist. This Australian Sign Language Course is ideal for people from all walks of life, who are passionate about learning sign language. You will learn to communicate more effectively in Auslan and further develop your signing skills that you picked up in Auslan level 1. It will enable you to develop connections and engage with individuals within the deaf community.
There are no prerequisites for this course