Build Websites: Bootstrap Developer Masterclass
This Bootstrap Developer Masterclass teaches you skills needed to build 4 professional landing pages: a portfolio, blog, photo gallery & e-commerce website!
Learn how to build professional websites for all your needs with this Bootstrap Developer Masterclass! Not only will you discover how to use the Bootstrap Developer tools, you will also try your hand at building 4 exciting projects: a portfolio, photo gallery, blog and e-commerce website. This course is designed by Joe Parys ‰ÛÒ a certified Life Coach and founder of the Joe Parys Academy, specialising in teaching people skills that improve their lives. You will also learn from Shahzaib Kamal who is an expert in Web Development and Design. Together they have created a complete guide to using Bootstrap Developer, with step-by-step tutorials and virtual demonstrations. To get started, they will first teach you about installing the Bootstrap Developer and the key grid system. You'll next learn all the visual and functional components that are essential for building a professional website, such as text styles and navigation bars. Then put all of your new knowledge together to build 4 incredible projects.
There are no prerequisites for this course

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