Business Set Up: Interior Design Bundle
An essential 4 course Bundle that will teach you how to set up your own Interior Design business. Learn how to combine your creative and technical talents with marketing and accounting fundamentals for a successful business..
This is a 4 course bundle focusing on the fundamental elements of interior design and business. Learn how you can combine your creativity with an entrepreneurial edge and develop the marketing and accounting skills, central to a successful business. This Interior Design course will teach you the fundamental aspects of Interior Design from concepts to colour schemes and materials to measurements, it will provide you with the creative prowess and technical skills vital to interior design. You will learn how to turn your interior design passion into a successful career. The Entrepreneurship course included, will teach you how to find the target market for a career in Interior Design and how to perform fast, effective, valuable research and convert it into products and services. Discover how to perform critical market research and target market interviews, to use towards developing your Interior Design business. In Finance and Accounting for Beginners, you will quickly learn the language of business, including The Income Statement, Profit & Loss Statement and what to look out for in business meetings. It will also cover the Balance Sheet and why this important statement is not complicated, Options for raising extra cash and Best practice when preparing statements. The final course allows you to learn the major marketing techniques from the experts, about how to drive qualified traffic to your website, blog, social network and Google page results. It will teach you everything you need to know about digital marketing; how to improve your incomes, gain more Subscribers and get qualified targeted traffic. " " **Curriculum** " **Introduction to Interior Design** Part 1: Intro - Definitions Part 2: Interior Design Basic Knowledge Part 3: Interior Design Advanced Knowledge Part 4: Technical Drawing Part 5: CAD Basic Use (Computer Aided Design Software Basic Use) Part 6: Sample Interior Design Project 10 Steps (Step by Step) Part 7: Conclusion - Outro Part 8: Quiz " **Entrepreneurship: Getting Started as an Entrepreneur** Part 1: Look at the Clock. In 30 Minutes, You'll be a Better Entrepreneur. Part 2: Bonus Lectures " **Finance and Accounting For Beginners** Part 1: Profit & Loss or Income Statement Part 2: Balance sheets Part 3: Cash & Working Capital Part 5: Working More Efficiently Part 6: Other Points " **Digital Marketing 4 in 1: Website, Google, Social, YouTube** Part 1: Introduction Part 2: YouTube Introduction Part 3: YouTube Calls to Action Part 4: YouTube Video Creation & Views Part 5: YouTube Advanced Techniques Part 6: Website Traffic & Search Engines Part 7: Website Traffic & Other Marketing Part 8: How Google Works Part 9: The 8 Step Google Game Plan Part 10: Social Media: The Big 3 Part 11: Social Media: The Best of the Rest Part 12: Final Thoughts: Highlights Documents
There are no prerequisites for this course

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