Certificate in Fashion Design (Level 3)
Level 3 Certificate in Fashion design, explains the qualities and skills required to become a fashion designer. On this course you learn that becoming a fashion designer involves the knowledge of many core design principles and elements. The awareness of which is essential for only for becoming a fashion designer but also to understand many facets of the fashion business.
Course Syllabus
This Course Consists of the following units:
Unit 1 - Introduction to Fashion Design
Unit 2 - Fashion Forecasting
Unit 3 - Elements of Design
Unit 4 - Principles of Design
Unit 5 - Colour and Dress Designing
Unit 6 - Choosing the Right Material
Unit 7 - Sewing Basics
there is no particular entry requirement. We do not ask for any previous qualification or experience. Students of all age and academic background can enrol on this course.

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