Diploma in Marketing (Level 4):
The programme has been designed to help you expand your knowledge and skills in the marketing of products/ services for the customer, industrial and service sector.
You will gain an insight into the latest marketing trends and techniques, and will develop marketing skills that will help you for your exceptional career in the field.
Course Syllabus
This course consists of following units:
Unit 1 - Introduction to Marketing
Unit 2 - Marketing Environment
Unit 3 - Markets and Market Segmentations
Unit 4 - Consumer Behaviour
Unit 5 - Market Research
Unit 6 - Marketing Planning
Unit 7 - Product Development and Product Lifecycle
Unit 8 -Product Pricing Strategies
Unit 9 - Branding and Packaging
Unit 10 - Channels of Distribution
Unit 11 - Promotion Mix
Unit 12 - Personal Selling and Sales Promotion
Unit 13 - Advertising and Publicity
there is no particular entry requirement. We do not ask for any previous qualification or experience. Students of all age and academic background can enrol on this course.

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