Freestyle Swimming: The Healthiest Technique
Learn the healthiest style of Freestyle Swimming and treat your neck & back pain with Ori Sela, World Record breaker & creator of the "WEST" swim technique.
The WEST swimming technique is the healthiest in the world! It involves relaxing the body to treat existing neck & back pain, and prevent further injury. In this course you will learn Freestyle Swimming in the WEST style, which adapts your technique to perfectly suit your body shape, physical ability and lifestyle. Ori Sela created the WEST swimming method and teaches it at his highly successful Water World swimming and hydrotherapy clubs. He's a successful swimmer, having broken the World Record for the Longest Relay in Open Water Swimming! Ori is a passionate teacher, and is here to help reduce your neck and lower back pain with this freestyle swimming technique. In this course you will learn Freestyle Swimming and be able to swim 1000m! Using close up underwater videos, Ori guides you step-by-step through 10 specialised workouts. Each workout includes tips on how to adjust your technique before swimming, important stretches you should do to reduce joint strain, and drills that will improve your freestyle swimming!
There are no prerequisites for this course

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