Gluten Free Baking
Discover great recipes and advice for baking delicious sweet & savoury gluten free treats!
Giving up gluten doesn't mean you can't enjoy food! With this course, you will learn how to bake a huge variety of delicious gluten free dishes, so that you and your loved ones can continue to love the food you eat. From healthy buckwheat granola and teriyaki almonds, to indulgent pizzas and brownies - you'll be spoiled for choice for what to make first! Deborah Murtagh, course instructor, is a specialist in digestive wellness, food allergies & intolerance, healthy cooking and elimination diets. With her 20 years experience, and regular contributions to popular magazine Fitness Journal and Holistic Health Magazine, Deborah is the perfect teacher of healthy, gluten free baking! In this course, Deborah uses her nutritional expertise to talk you through what a Gluten Free diet involves, and then demonstrates how you can substitute gluten-based ingredients to bake tasty treats and meals! With 20 recipes at your finger tips, plus a comprehensive manual for quitting gluten, you'll be cooking up incredible creations in no time!
There are no prerequisites for this course