Hypnotherapy Bundle
This 3 course Hypnotherapy Bundle will teach you techniques for self hypnosis & guide you through inductions. It will show you how to perform hypnosis for personal development, without the need for hypnosis scripts.
The hypnosis for beginners course will teach you the process of doing hypnotic inductions and how to hypnotise without the need for hypnosis scripts. The course comprises of video lectures and demonstrations of hypnotic inductions with real subjects. It is ideal for beginners to the field of hypnosis and want to learn how to do hypnosis on others. The Introduction to Conversational Hypnosis will allow you to gain a good understanding of hypnosis and what it is about. The course focuses on areas such as the history behind hypnosis; the theory behind trance; incorporating hypnosis into therapy and hypnotherapeutic techniques. It has several demonstration videos which follow the theory aspect of every section, enabling you to cement your knowledge and understanding of the topics. Performing Self Hypnosis allows you to enter a deeply relaxed and focused state of mind, in which you can alter negative patterns of thinking and create positive changes in your behaviour. In this course, you will learn how to use this powerful tool to help overcome problems in your life, without regular visits to a therapist! You will also learn how to develop your own personalised inductions, and find out how to teach clients self-hypnosis. " **Curriculum** **Hypnosis for Beginners** Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Guiding attention Part 3: Responsiveness & Expectancy Part 4: Confusion Part 5: Guiding Associations Part 6: Dissociation Part 7: Conclusion " **Self Hypnosis for Personal Development** Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Getting Started with Self-Hypnosis Part 3: The Importance of Learning & Teaching Self Hypnosis Part 4: Therapeutic Techniques To Use With Self Hypnosis Part 5: Inductions ‰ÛÒ Body Scan & Three Things Part 6: Inductions ‰ÛÒ Eyes Open Eyes Closed & Staircase Part 7: Inductions ‰ÛÒ Tension and Relaxation & Secret Garden Part 8: Self Hypnosis Inductions ‰ÛÒ Four Seasons & Mirror Part 9: Beyond Structured Inductions Part 10: Conclusion Part 11: Quiz " **Conversational hypnosis and therapy** Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Definitions & Theories Part 3: How to Induce Trance & Hypnosis Part 4: How Hypnosis Fits Into Therapy Part 5: Hypnotherapeutic Techniques Part 6: Carrying Changes into Clients Lives Part 7: Association, Disassociation and Abreactions Part 8: Silence, Observation & Therapists Expectations Part 9: Conclusion "
There are no prerequisites for this course.