Level 7 Certificate in Islamic Banking and Finance (120 credits)

This qualification is a combination of our Diploma in Business Management (SCQF level 11) and our Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Islamic Finance.

Who is it for

Learners who wish to gain knowledge in Level 7 Islamic Banking and Finance


The Extended Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (Islamic Finance and Banking) is composed of (i) Diploma in Business Management (SCQF, Level 11), a qualification that is credit-rated by SQA, and (ii) Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Islamic Finance. The six units are: Strategic Islamic Finance; Change Management and Strategic Leadership; Marketing Management in Practice; Strategic Financial; Management; Strategic Management; Strategic Resource Management in Organisations.


One of the following: Level 6 Diploma, or Bachelors Degree, or Other relevant international qualification at Level 6, and English language, with relevant work experience.

Career Path

Learner who complete this course can expect to progress onto: Masters degree (Top-up); or Directly into employment in a relevent field.