MA Human Resource Management

Gain a clear understanding of the joint role of accounting and finance in ensuring successful operations in a range of business settings.

Who is it for

Learners who seek to gain greater knowledge and understanding in the HR sector, Our Course is most relevant and designed as per the needs and requirements of today's business world over.


The MA Human Resource Management programme is highly valued and holds an international reputation for quality. The programme is designed for those who want to pursue senior level careers in human resource management (HRM) and covers essential skills for your professional development and future career. Along-with international focus, you'll gain essential knowledge to become a HR professional. The programme gives strong emphasis on applying this knowledge in practical business environments. The programme is relevant, flexible, delivered 100% online and has been ranked as a valuable investment with majority of our students rating it high in terms of return on investment and programme content. Key facts: Online programme with student to faculty ratio of just 15:1; LSIB has world-class professors, derived from best institutions. Many of the professors also have hands-on experience in running and growing businesses. State of the art of 1 million Learning Management System (LMS) with 24 X 7 support. Fully recognized and globally accepted Degree. The programme is most relevant and designed as per the needs and requirements of today's business world over. With the advantage of studying on the job, anytime and anywhere, you get cost advantage and same degree which is given to full time students at the university campus.


One of the following: Open Entry; Secondary Education equivalent to three GCSEs and two A-Levels or Some qualification at level 3; or Other equivalent international qualifications.

Career Path

Learners who complete this course will be able to undertake: Level 7 Diploma; or Directly Into employement at a relevent field.

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