Marketing: Price Psychology & Strategies
Increase your sales and boost your revenue with the scientifically proven pricing strategies taught in this Neuromarketing & Price Psychology course!
Boost your revenue with this course in Neuromarketing and Price Psychology! You will discover tricks to pricing that are scientifically proven to increase the likelihood that customers will buy your product. Whether you sell clothes or provide professional services, find out how Neuromarketing can improve your pricing strategies and enhance your business! Andrew has a PhD in Social Psychology, with expertise in the domain of attitudes and persuasion. He has published papers on the subject in top journals, so is the perfect person to teach you how psychological findings in the field of Neuromarketing can be used to persuade customers into purchasing! You will learn how to apply many simple psychological effects to dramatically raise your sales and revenue. You'll gain understanding such as when to use .99p or a round price, and whether you should display discounts to the left or right of the original value. You'll also find ways to frame and contextualise prices that appeal most to your specific target market. All this will help launch your business to success!
There are no prerequisites for this course

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