Moroccan Recipes: Cook a Traditional Tajine
Discover the exotic flavors of authentic Moroccan cuisine & learn how to create a traditional Tajine (sometimes spelt Tagine).
This course will teach you how to create the Moroccan delicacy, Tajine in a healthy and nutritious way. It will provide you with step by step cooking demonstrations and a guide to preparing the ingredients using traditional methods. You can explore the exotic flavors of Morocco and explore the Moroccan culture through accustomed cuisine, while learning new methods of healthy cooking. Ismail Nessis is a young Moroccan who has had the chance to learn the traditional Moroccan recipe of the Tajine directly from his mother and grandmother, both experts cooks. Ismail has a bachelor degree in application programming but is deeply passionate about Moroccan traditional food. This course would be suited to anyone passionate about food and cooking. If you're interested in learning about other cultures and would like to experience an exotic international cuisine than this course would be a valuable resource. It is also designed for anyone with a love for Morocco or anybody who wants to experience the traditional flavors Morocco has to offer.
There are no prerequisites for this course.

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