Parenting Techniques Bundle
This essential 3 course Parenting bundle will help you to decipher the challenging world of raising children and provide you with the relevant skills and information to raise & understand emotionally mature, responsible children.
Effective parenting is tough and is a skill which is fundamental to raising responsible, emotionally mature children. The bundle will teach you to establish loving authority in your home, create conditions to open up communication and build trust and give up parenting habits that destroy self-esteem and weaken relationships. Its ideal for all parents and those who need tools and skills to build happier relationships and emotionally healthy children. You will gain the skills to be able to reduce stress and anxiety when dealing with your children, help you to become a less reactive parent and help your child develop naturally, which will in turn make the process of parenthood a lot more enjoyable. It will provide you with solutions for when parenting gets stressful and exhausting, this will allow you to maintain a more loving and connected relationship with your husband/wife and children. It will be invaluable for any first time or longstanding parents who feel that they need some helpful tips to develop their parenting skills. You will be able to support your child's wellbeing and help them manage the ups and downs of life by reacting positively to their behaviour and learn everything you need to be a great parent! " **Curriculum** **Parenting: Raising Responsible Children** Part 1: Welcome and Overview Part 2: Family Climate Part 3: Principles of a Nurturing Home Part 4: Weakening vs. Strengthening Communication Part 5: Creating Safe and Trusting Conditions (Empathy Skills) Part 6: Speaking the Truth (Honesty Skills) Part 7: Instilling Responsibility (Responsibility Skills) Part 8: Parenting with a Soft Heart Part 9: Final Word " **Mindful and Responsive Parenting** Part 1: Introduction to the Course Part 2: Responsive Parenting: What does it look like? Part 3: Resourcing Yourself for Mindful and Responsive Parenting Part 4: The Core Skills of Mindful and Responsive Parenting: Mindfulness Part 5: The Core Skills of Mindful and Responsive Parenting: Self Compassion Part 6: The Core Skills of Mindful and Responsive Parenting: Emotion Coaching Part 7: The Core Skills of Mindful and Responsive Parenting: Self Regulation Part 8: Step By Step Process of Mindful and Responsive Parenting Part 9: Quiz " **Parenting Techniques & Approaches** Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Parenting Styles Part 3: Authoritative Parenting Style Part 4: Boundaries & Consequences Part 5: Parenting Communication Skills Part 6: Managing Conflict Part 7: Additional Areas Part 8: Conclusion Part 9: Quiz
There are no prerequisites for this course