Pass Your Driving Test: Theory & Practical Prep
This course will help you pass your driving test by teaching theory & hazard perception, as well as practical help for safe driving & completing manoeuvres
This course will take you through the theory of driving, the rules of the road and will teach you practical skills along the way, to boost your chances of passing your driving test first time around. John Farlam has over 10 years of experience in driving instruction, making him an expert in delivering driving courses and training new driving instructors. John has used his expertise and knowledge to create this comprehensive online guide for learning to drive, to help you feel confident in your abilities as a new driver. This course is full of helpful information and tips for mastering driving theory, as well as step-by-step tutorials that teach you how to safely drive on the road and complete important technical manoeuvres. John also uses his extensive experience in training instructors to give you invaluable advice on what they look for in the driving test, so that you can be fully prepared for the big day!
There are no prerequisites for this course

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