PG Dip Education

Develop your knowledge and career with our PG Dip Education, created for those working within teaching and education practices.

Who is it for


Adding to the skills gained in our PG Cert course, this programme allows you to attain the knowledge and skills to engage in a range of processes to ensure ongoing professional development. These include research and enquiry, critical reflection and participation in discourse with relevant communities of practice.

During the course you’ll work with fellow professionals to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to critically review academic literature and apply the findings to practice, enhancing your own learning and teaching.

You’ll also develop key real-world skills including the ability to use methods which promote and facilitate inclusivity in education and equality of opportunity for learners. You’ll also discover the key issues in, and key skills required, to perform a specialised non-teaching role.

Upon completion of your Postgraduate Diploma, we offer the opportunity for you to progress to study for a full Masters (awarded after 180 credits).


The content of this programme requires you to reflect on your own educational work experience; therefore, you will need to be employed in a teaching role currently, or have some experience of teaching in a post-compulsory education context, or have regular access in a teaching capacity to an educational workplace or organisation during your studies.

However, this does not limit applicants to those only working in a school, college or university; applications will also be considered on a case-by-case basis from students working in alternative organisations where an organised educational programme is delivered, e.g. galleries, museums, NGOs or other education-related sectors.

We have flexible entry requirements that look at both your academic and work-based experience as well as your motivation to do the course. 

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