The 12 Day Detox
Tired of fad diets and quick-fix programmes? The Healthy Nutrition - 12 Day Detox programme offers a balanced and clean eating approach
Tired of fad diets, and quick-fix programmes that aren't working for you? The 12 Day Detox programme will offer balance, and a clean eating approach to help you make lasting change. This programme harnesses the power of visualisation to help you overcome the hurdles of eating well and giving up unhealthy habits like caffeine. Perfect for anyone who has a hectic life, and wants to stop eating processed foods. This course is all about getting a clean start, and changing eating habits for a healthy body and mind. Holistic Nutritionist Lisa Metzgar shares her expertise to help guide you through healthy snacking, prepare your kitchen for the detox programme, and setting achievable goals. Commit to a 12 day programmes, change your dietary habits in the long term.
There are no prerequisites for this course

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