Train to be a fully-qualified Welder

This course is designed to take you from a complete beginner to a fully qualified welder, by providing you with a thorough grounding in welding and its principles. It covers a number of City & Guilds qualifications.

Who is it for

The course will take you from compete begineer to becoming fully qualified. Whether you wish to change career or a school leaver or are unemployed - our course will enable you to become a welder.


The main objective of this training course is to give you the “hands-on” knowledge and practical skills for your chosen trade, regardless of your current level of ability. This is a uniquely structured blended learning program, delivered by a combination of theory and practical skills acquisition. The course is split into 3 key areas: Practical training (at a training centre close to you), Theory (within a class-room environment) & Home- Study. It is divided into sections to help you absorb the theory you need easily and present the content in a logical sequence so you can build constantly on your knowledge base.

The practical training is designed to complement the course – not only bringing into context the theory you have learnt at home, but also giving you the knowledge, skills and experience you need to work competently and safely in your chosen trade.

This course aims to provide you with everything you need to approach your career with confidence and gain the qualifications proving your competence in welding.

The class based training, examinations and assessments for this course are conducted by an external training organisation which holds the accreditation to carry out the following qualifications:

Level 1 & Level 2 theory modules leading to:

  • City & Guilds level 1 Award in introductory Welding Skills Oxy-Acetylene Welding
  • City & Guilds level 1 Award in introductory Welding Skills Metal Inert Gas Welding
  • City & Guilds level 1 Award in introductory Welding Skills Metal Arc Welding
  • City & Guilds level 2 Diploma in Engineering – Fabrication and Welding Technology
  • City & Guilds level 2 Award in Welding Skills Tungsten Inert Gas Welding
  • City & Guilds level 2 Award in Welding Skills Manual Metal Arc Welding

Upon successful completion of the course you will have attained the knowledge, skills and qualifications needed to gain employment and work competently and safely as a welder.

Our training providers will also help you compile a portfolio of your work, should you want to go on and obtain further qualifications.


Over 19 years old

Career Path

A career as a qualified Welder