Web and Graphic Design Course

Training Square is the UK’s only digital media learning and development provider. we are An Adobe Authorized Training Center with Industry Certified Expert Trainers.

Web & Graphic Design Training Include's: Classroom-based, Tutor Led, hands-on training giving you real-life experience, Lab Exercises, Project work, Unlimited Lab Access, Books, Materials, Course Completion Certificate, Free Re-training, and free refreshment.

Training Options: (Flexible Time & Start Dates)
  1. Fast Track
  2. Weekend Track
  3. Regular Track

Detail Syllabus:

Web Design

  • Overview of Web Design
  • Effective Tools and software available
  • HTML5, XHTML, HTML and CSS in Brief
  • Supporting HTML5 cross-browser
  • Web Page Building Blocks
  • A Basic HTML Page
  • Semantic HTML: Markup with Meaning
  • Markup: Elements, Attributes, and Values
  • A Web Page’s Text Content
  • Links, Images, and Other Non-Text Content
  • HTML Page Structure
  • Creating First Web Page
  • Creating a Title
  • Creating Headings
  • Understanding HTML5’s Document Outline
  • HTML Validation

Working with Web Page Files

  • Planning Your Site
  • Creating a New Web Page
  • Saving Your Web Page
  • Specifying a Default Page or Homepage
  • Editing Web Pages
  • Organizing Files
  • Viewing Your Page in a Browser

Basic HTML Structure

  • Headings
  • Common Page
  • Header
  • Navigation
  • Defining a Section
  • Specifying an Aside
  • Creating a Footer
  • Creating Containers
  • Adding the Title Attribute to Elements

Structural building blocks

  • <div>, <section>, and <article>
  • Headings: <header>, <hgroup>, and <h1>–<h6>, plus <footer>
  • HTML5-style heading element levels
  • Structural elements: <nav>, <aside>, <figure> (and <figcaption>)
  • Putting it all together
  • Accessibility and HTML5


  • About Images for the Web
  • Getting Images
  • Inserting Images into a Page
  • Offering Alternate Text
  • Specifying Image Size
  • Scaling Images with the Browser
  • Adding Icons to Your Web Site

Web Links, Anchor Links, Internal and External Links

  • The Anatomy of a Link
  • Creating a Link to Another Web Page
  • Creating Anchors
  • Linking to a Specific Anchor
  • Creating Other Kinds of Links

CSS2 and CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheet)

  • CSS Building Blocks and Working with Style Sheets
  • Style Rule
  • Adding Comments to Style Rules
  • Creating an External Style Sheet
  • Linking to External Style Sheets
  • Creating an Embedded Style Sheet
  • Applying Inline Styles
  • The Importance of Location
  • Using Media-Specific Style Sheets
  • Offering Alternate Style Sheets
  • The Inspiration of Others: CSS

Formatting Text with Styles

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Layout of Styles

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Style Sheets for Mobile to Desktop

  • Mobile Strategies and Considerations
  • Understanding and Implementing Media Queries
  • Building a Page that Adapts to Media Queries

Working with Web Fonts

  • What Is a Web Font?
  • Where to Find Web Fonts
  • Downloading Your First Web Font
  • Working with @font-face
  • Styling Web Fonts and Managing File Size

Enhancements with CSS3

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

CSS3 Properties

  • Color and transparency
  • Backgrounds
  • Borders
  • Drop shadows
  • text-shadow
  • Gradients


  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

HTML Forms and HTML5 forms

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Video, Audio, and Other Multimedia

  • (This Topic Has many sub-topics)

HTML Tables and CSS

  • Structuring Tables
  • Spanning Columns and Rows

jQuery, JavaScript internal and external

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Testing & Debugging Web Pages

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

CSS Properties and Values

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Making your website live

  • Use FTP to load your website
  • Choosing your domain name
  • Configuring your domain with domain registrar

Adobe Dreamweaver

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Defining a Site

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Creating Web Pages

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Laying out Web Pages

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Formatting Text

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)r

Managing Links

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Images and Rich Media

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Writing HTML Code

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Adobe Photoshop

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Using Camera Raw

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Understanding Photoshop Fundamentals

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Understanding Selections

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Understanding Layers

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Understanding Adjustments

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Editing Images

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Working with Design and Print Production

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Outputting for Web, Print, and Mobile

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Adobe Flash: Computer Animations

  • (This Topic covers many sub-topics)

Who is it for

Whether you are designing your personal website or developing a commercial website, our web design course will equip you with the required skills to enable you design the site efficiently. Our web design course covers all the latest designing softwares and technologies like Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, XHTML, jQuery, Javascript, CSS2, CCS3 and many more.

Designing a website can be a very tedious task and could get messy if the designer does not have the necessary troubleshooting skills. At Training Square our trainers are expert on troubleshooting and fixing the problems you will encounter in real life.


Learning Web Design and Graphic Design can be a fun and very exciting experience if the environment is welcoming. At Training Square you will tick all the boxes you are looking for; helpful and welcoming atmosphere, very helpful dedicated staff and of course certified expert trainers who will guide you throughout the course to ensure you comprehend the integral syllabus and are well equipped to achieve the set goals.

You will be learning web design course in London delivered by an expert trainer who has many years of industry experience in web design, e-commerce and mobile commerce projects. All these skills will be passed on to you through our tutor led classroom based hands-on training.

The course basically serves as a practical application to website developing used in online marketing and communication. You would develop your own site during this course, giving you the perfect opportunity to present your skills to prospective employers.

The Graphic Design course enables you to put the graphical design theories into the practical and useful application. This complete hands-on training course will cover all aspects of graphic design tools. You will learn how to effectively communicate to end-users using visual arts and design. You will develop a portfolio of this course which you could present to prospective employers for job consideration.

Finance Available:

Choose from one of the following Finance Options @ 0% interest:

  • 3 months - £119 Upfront and monthly payments of £357.00
  • 6 months - £119 Upfront and monthly payments of £178.00
  • 12 months - £119 Upfront and monthly payments of £89.00


Basic Knowledge of Computer.

Career Path

Plan a career in a technical Web field as Web & Graphic Designer, Front-end web Programmer, Back-end web Programmer.

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Career Package

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Package Includes: 
  • Web & Graphic Design
  • Java OCP Certification 
  • Android Apps programming

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