Wicca & Witchcraft for Beginners
A vibrant and enchanting course that will explore the history of Wicca and teach you how to perform rituals, spells and magic whilst pursuing spiritual empowerment.
This Wicca and Witchcraft course will introduce you to magic and help you to pursue spiritual growth and empowerment, through the ancient craft. You will learn about the rich and animate history of the Wiccan tradition and how you can practise it today. Discover how to perform rituals, spells and enchantments while paying homage to the Gods and Goddesses, using the lunar cycle and seasonal calendar. Your Wiccan teacher, Gilad James, has been researching different spiritual teachings, ancient texts, the occult, and different religions for the last 10 years. His goal is to help students find joy and evolve spiritually by exploring different philosophies and discovering a path to inner peace and fulfilment. This course will aid you on your Wiccan Path. It is ideal for anyone searching for spiritual growth and guidance, who wants to explore their Wiccan beliefs. If you are ready to dedicate yourself to the craft, with an open mind, enroll today and learn about how you can use magic to achieve a more fulfilling life.
There are no prerequisites for the course.