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Why join the course? Why is quality improvement in health and social care systems so difficult? Why is it so challenging to bring in new and better ways of organising health and social care services? Many reasons have been put forward: lack of money; lack of appropriate or complete knowledge; excessive and perhaps unnecessary...

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Why join the course? The Zika virus is suspected to be the cause of cases of microcephaly in newborns in South America, and this outbreak has now been declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the World Health Organization. With global attention towards this disease increasing rapidly, it is becoming clear that there...

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Why join the course? Everything we do in healthcare has to be discovered and thoroughly tested before it can be put into practice. In this course you will explore clinical research – its challenges and its huge benefits to modern healthcare. You will work through case studies and examine how research contributes to the treatment of major...

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Use data to improve the quality of care you and your team provide This online course from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) will help clinicians draw together the information necessary to understand the quality of care that they and their team provide. It is based on the RCP’s Acute Care Toolkit 11: Using Data to Improve Care. It will...

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First Aid for Adults

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Learn first aid techniques to respond to seven causes of injury in adults. This online course will introduce you to the key first aid actions you should take to effectively manage seven common causes of injury in adults: cardiac arrest, choking, bleeding, burns, strokes, road accidents and basic psychological first aid for an injured...

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Why join the course? Spanning six weeks, this course will explore how leadership can influence strategic outcomes in healthcare organisations in a global context. We will begin by developing your understanding of the general concept of healthcare improvement and the challenges of change. We then consider the features of health...

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Infection Control

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During the course you will: - Develop vitally important skills to prepare you for a role in the sector - Understand the concepts of decontamination and want management as well as the consequences of not carrying out these processes - Learn about infection prevention and control in a range of healthcare settings and scenarios to help...

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Why join the course? Whole genome sequencing is a relatively new technology that allows us to ‘read’ a person’s or organism’s entire genetic code. But how does it work and what does it mean for all of us? How do scientists begin to make sense of the vast amount of information that whole genome sequencing provides? And what does this new...

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Learn mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and improve performance Stressed by the pace of modern life? Mindfulness might be the answer. Research shows that when you’re not deliberately paying attention to something, your brain goes into default mode causing increased anxiety and poor communication. Mindfulness can help end this...

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Explore key issues in dementia care and research, through four less common forms Dementia is one of the foremost priorities in global health and is estimated to affect over 44 million people worldwide. This has a huge impact on individuals and on society, so improvements in understanding, care and treatments are desperately needed. In this...

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