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How healthy is your diet? Are you confused about what to eat? Do you want to help others improve their lifestyle? Our Nutrition programme is a 4-week guide to help you change or improve your lifestyle. You will learn how to create balanced meals, set goals, adapt eating to achieve your objectives and finally understand how to master your...

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Infection Control

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During the course you will: - Develop vitally important skills to prepare you for a role in the sector - Understand the concepts of decontamination and want management as well as the consequences of not carrying out these processes - Learn about infection prevention and control in a range of healthcare settings and scenarios to help...

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The Advanced Diploma in Sports & Exercise Nutrition is specifically designed to equip students with the comprehensive knowledge and skills which are essential in order to achieve their personal and professional goals. It offers comprehensive strategies for serious sports nutrition enthusiasts. Let our expert nutritionists and dieticians...

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Over 12 weeks, you will become the best version of yourself possible. You will learn how to plan your nutrition, exercise and how to adjust your lifestyle so you can become the happiest, healthiest, and fittest version of you that there has ever been. Also, most importantly, you will have fun and enjoy the whole process. Register now to start...

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The Advanced Diploma in Principles of Nutrition is specifically designed to equip students with the comprehensive knowledge and skills which are essential in order to achieve their nutritional goals. Our expert nutritionists and dieticians will start you on the path to a successful career in the field of nutrition or achieve your long desired...

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Are you sick of looking at the scale and not seeing any improvement? Are you confused about how to lose weight, due to the conflicting information constantly being thrown at you? Do you desire to help others achieve their weight loss goals? Our weight loss programme is a 4-week transformation course, that will guide you through how to lose...

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Although it may seem obvious, some athletes and fitness enthusiasts are not aware of what impact food can have on training and performance. A well planned eating strategy will have a positive effect on competition, fitness, recovery, reducing the risk of illness, and most importantly, helping you achieve optimal results. This course provides an...

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Over the course of 8 one-hour modules spanning four weeks, students will follow a step by step guide covering the fundamentals of fitness and learn what they are required to do to reach their health and fitness goals.

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