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Essential IT skills

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During the course you will: - Boost your CV and gain IT skills valued by UK employers - Gain intermediate knowledge of widely used Microsoft Office programmes, including Work, PowerPoint and Excel - Master IT techniques to improve your productivity in the workplace - Continue to develop your computer skills to aid your progress in a...

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The mobile app world is continuing to grow and expand with plenty of opportunities for those who make apps. This programme will provide you with all the skills you need to take you from your app idea to publishing your app. Over the 3 semesters you will create 3 separate apps, each targeted at a different market/audience, learning the skills...

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Do you think Mobile is the future? Do you want to find success in your Apps? Do you want to be involved with Development? Whether you are looking to take up a typing-intensive hobby or start making profits, this course is for you. For all who appreciate that Mobile is continuing to grow and create opportunities, you can make it happen so...

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