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At Shaw Academy, we believe that if you’re an aspiring manager you can learn to be a great leader. This foundation course provides you with key insights, tips and skills to better manage, perform, motivate and ultimately become a successful leader. During this introductory 4-week course, you will learn why management matters, and how successful...

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The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) is an intensive five-day course, designed to hone your managerial attributes. The LDP is ideal for executives and junior managers wishing to enhance their leadership and coaching skills. The techniques and knowledge gained will allow candidates to effectively manage teams and demonstrate greater...

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At Shaw Academy, we believe that leaders are constantly learning. This advanced course provides you with the practical skills to successfully lead yourself and others during times of change. Successful leaders are constantly communicating, empowering and motivating others to succeed. You will learn how to stay positive and develop others...

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