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Sports Massage Course

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In the course content, you will be introduced to the sports massage, history and evolution, sports organizations, private practice, focused approach vs global approach, etc. You will also get a unit where you will learn all about the anatomy, the types of muscle injuries, tendon injuries, ligament and cartilage injuries, etc. You will also know...

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This sports nutition course is designed to help you increase your nutritional knowledge and improve performance. You will learn how to eat right and understand how your body uses the food you eat to fuel your body and boost your energy levels. You will also learn about energy systems, hydration strategies and the benefits of supplementation. Jen...

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With four courses in one, this bundle is everything you need to become a top-class personal trainer! You'll learn how to create the best fitness plans for your clients, including intense workout regimes and the healthiest training diets. Along the way, you'll build up your business skills so that you can turn your passion for fitness into a...

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Straight from the award-winning Isla Verde Spa, Mark Perren-Jones brings his top tips for giving the perfect Deep Tissue Sports Massage to friends, family, clients,anyone who wants the ultimate experience in relaxation! Learn how to incorporate the techniques of deep tissue massage into any other of your treatments including Swedish & Thai...

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The Specialist Massage Course is split into the following modules: An Overview of Massage Therapy ~ Tips on how to read and understand this course ~ An overview of massage therapy ~ The meaning of massage therapy ~ How massage therapy works ~ Therapeutic massage psychological and physical benefits ~ Understanding massage...

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Massage Bundle

47Leads to date

This massage bundle will develop your skills and introduce you to knew massaging techniques, such as Alternative Massage Therapy, Hot Stone Treatments, Deep Tissue Sports Massage and Spa Massage. Using alternative massage techniques you will take your massage practice further, by training you to give your clients and friends joint mobilisation,...

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This course is a massage masterclass from the award winning Isla Verde Spa that will teach you how to perform Spa, Hot Stones and Deep Tissue Sports Massages. You will learn how to perform massage therapy and massage strokes that will allow you to make your friends, family or clients reach a state of ultimate relaxation! Your course instructor...

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Sports Management

55Leads to date

  • Online
  • £25 (was £25)
  • 02-06-2017
  • Online/Distance Learning
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Sports management is an enticing field that is not difficult to enter if you have the right skills. Learn these from ICI’s comprehensive sports management course and be confident in embarking on a refreshing career. Additionally, you do not have to spend years to seize a certificate or diploma because you have the choice to get it in a matter of...

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This carefully crafted course sets you up to become your own circuit workout expert. It will take you through everything there is to know about kettlebells, from all aspects of use through to their history and different components. Instead of imposing a strict regime upon you, this course provides thorough and careful guidelines to help you...

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Physiotherapy Course

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The Physiotherapy Course is split into the following modules: An Introduction to Physiotherapy Defining the Skeletal System Defining the Muscular System Defining the Neuromuscular System Developments in Preventing Injury Research Injury Prevention Defining and Explaining Ergonomics Sports Related...

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