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The Specialist Massage Course is split into the following modules: An Overview of Massage Therapy ~ Tips on how to read and understand this course ~ An overview of massage therapy ~ The meaning of massage therapy ~ How massage therapy works ~ Therapeutic massage psychological and physical benefits ~ Understanding massage...

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Sports Management

80Leads to date

  • Online
  • £25 (was £25)
  • 02-06-2017
  • Online/Distance Learning
  • General

Sports management is an enticing field that is not difficult to enter if you have the right skills. Learn these from ICI’s comprehensive sports management course and be confident in embarking on a refreshing career. Additionally, you do not have to spend years to seize a certificate or diploma because you have the choice to get it in a matter of...

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Physiotherapy Course

226Leads to date

The Physiotherapy Course is split into the following modules: An Introduction to Physiotherapy Defining the Skeletal System Defining the Muscular System Defining the Neuromuscular System Developments in Preventing Injury Research Injury Prevention Defining and Explaining Ergonomics Sports Related...

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Personal Trainer Course

177Leads to date

The Personal Training and Fitness Course is split into the following modules: Introduction to Fitness and Personal Training Fitness Assessment, Screening and Testing The Process of Consultation Fitness Components Setting Goals Fundamental Exercise Prescription Principles Writing and Planning Exercise...

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Personal Training

201Leads to date

Accelerate your career in just 5 weeks and be ready to start working as a Personal Trainer as soon as you graduate. You’ll get hands on with practical training, alongside hitting the books with theory. Your tutor will be hugely experienced in the health and fitness industry, so throughout your course you’ll be in safe hands. When you’ve...

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What skills will I gain? The basics and meanings of Six Sigma. The general history of Six Sigma & continuous improvement. The Lean Six Sigma five phases. Six Sigma roles & responsibilities. The voice of the customer, business and employee. Problem solving strategies and techniques. How...

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What skills will I gain? Upon successful completion of this course, candidates will: Understand the basics and meanings of Six Sigma. Have a sound understanding of the general history of Six Sigma & continuous improvement. Understand the Lean Six Sigma five phases and how to put them into practice. Have mastered...

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Acupuncture Course

150Leads to date

The Acupuncture course is split into the following modules: Acupuncture: What is it? A Triplet of Harmony Zang Organs (The Solids) Charts of the Meridians and Channels The time of the day correlated with our dominant channels The exterior causes of diseases Diagnosing according to the TCM system Exterior...

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Nutrition and Health

839Leads to date

During the course you will: - Learn about how diet affects a persons health, focusing on the five major food groups - Gain practical insight into effective weight management - understand more about different types of earing disorders - Discover how nutritional needs vary according to an individuals age The course is made up of 6...

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Course Syllabus This Course Consists of the following units: Unit 1 - An Overview of Nutrition Unit 2 - Dietary Nutrition Unit 3 - The Balanced Diet Unit 4 - Dietary Requirements Unit 5 - Eating Disorders Unit 6 - Weight Loss Unit 7 - Weight Control

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