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The online REPs-endorsed YMCA Awards Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training (Gym-Based Exercise) is perfect for you if you've got a Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (Gym-Based Exercise) and are looking to become a personal trainer. You'll learn how to design, adapt and deliver a safe and effective exercise programme...

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This course offers a fantastic way to learn physiotherapy, right from anatomy instruction, to diagnosis tutorials and through to special testing and joint play of different parts of the body. If you're currently a physiotherapy student or just have a passing interest, this course can help you improve on your fundamentals and advance your skills...

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Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique performed through clothing and is one of the most relaxing experiences out there. It involves firm but gentle pressure, delicate and calm movements and stretches. Learning the basics of Zen Shiatsu is very easy, all you need is some time to watch these videos and the right state of mind. Paul Capelli...

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This comprehensive stretching programme will teach you how to boost your flexibility and improve posture while relieving tension and increasing strength and relaxation. Learn about the benefits of static and dynamic stretches and why they are an essential element to your routine. Felix Harder is a fitness author and creator of...

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This fun and innovative Aerial Yoga course will teach you 30 unique Yoga movements to incorporate into your routine for 5 minutes each day. Improve your cardio and posture, as well as your physical and mental endurance through therapeutic poses that will increase blood flow throughout your body and improve your flexibility. Your Aerial Yoga...

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Self Defence Bundle

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This course will empower you to feel able to protect yourself and your family! Across 3 courses, you'll not only pick up incredibly effective self defence techniques, but you'll go through a programme of strength and fitness that will ensure your new moves really have an impact! From structured self defence sequences, to intensive boxing...

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An innovative Boxing course and training program, tailored specifically to improve fitness-specific competency. Use boxing to increase metabolic rate, decrease abdominal fat and improve fat oxidation. It offers a detailed fitness plan including strength, cardio and boxing techniques and enables you to achieve a new level of muscular strength,...

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Superfood Smoothies

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This course will provide you with all the knowledge you need to make delicious and healthy smoothies. First, you will learn about the best ingredients to use, what superfoods are, their nutritional value and the part they play in maintaining a healthy body. From here, you will move on to smoothie-making techniques, recipes and the kind of...

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The Diploma includes three courses: -The Level 2 Gym Instructor which gives youa first step into the industry and the foundation to become a personal trainer. -The Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training provides the professional credibility, knowledge and skills you will need to work as a Personal Trainer in a health club environment or...

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Through the YMCA Awards Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing course, you'll develop the knowledge and skills you need to plan and instruct gym-based exercise sessions for adults of all ages, both individually and in groups. This may include young people in the 14-16 age range, provided they're part of a larger adult group. You'll...

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