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Through the YMCA Awards Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing course, you'll develop the knowledge and skills you need to plan and instruct gym-based exercise sessions for adults of all ages, both individually and in groups. This may include young people in the 14-16 age range, provided they're part of a larger adult group....

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Want to live a healthier lifestyle without having to spend all those hours in the gym or in the kitchen? Do you want to lose weight, have more energy every day and KNOW that you can keep the weight off for life? Including: Meal Planning and recipes A Detox Checklist Paleo and high fat diets The importance of Sleep Quitting Sugar Eating...

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This fitness and nutrition course will teach you how to obtain the physique you have been striving for through a complete 1 month fitness programme. It covers how to eat clean, burn fat, and build lean muscle and includes healthy food information. It includes supplementation information, strength training demonstrations and teaches you how to...

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This fitness diploma provides a 4 Month strength training & cardio fitness programme, as well as a healthy protein packed meal plan and training demonstrations designed to help you lose weight and increase strength. Transform your lifestyle through diet and exercise and become healthier and more energetic. You will learn about how your...

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This sports psychology course has been created for the benefit of all sports performers who want to understand how they can develop their mindset for success. For most amateur sports competitors the ability to see sports psychologist is very limited because of cost or culture, this course will allow you to overcome these barriers. This course...

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This course is ideal for 30-40 year olds who don't want to spend all their money on expensive gym memberships, but want the benefits! Learn how to maximise your fat burning hormone with a daily 8 minute exercise programme delivered by your online personal trainer! Don't let false information destroy your belief that you too can have a...

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Physiotherapy Course

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The Physiotherapy Course is split into the following modules: An Introduction to Physiotherapy Defining the Skeletal System Defining the Muscular System Defining the Neuromuscular System Developments in Preventing Injury Research Injury Prevention Defining and Explaining Ergonomics Sports Related...

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This Plyometrics course will teach you how to use the secrets of High Intensity Fitness to transform your body. Don't worry If you don't have the time to do tedious cardio workouts or gym regimes through Plyometrics you can become fit with as little as 1 hour of exercise per week! Your course instructor is fitness expert Joe Parys, who...

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